Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 15

“No, Jonathan, there is no such place. Heaven is not a place, and it is not a time. Heaven is being perfect.”

- Jonathan Livingston Seagull

I took this shot on Staten Island after getting off the ferry from Manhattan. Seagulls there are so friendly that they can eat off your hands... I used to imagine seagulls were small, like pigeons; the first time I saw them in Atlantic City, I was more than surprised... those things were larger then chickens. Nonetheless, adorable creatures, but they can get really annoying if you have food with you.

Do take the ferry from Manhattan (Hey, its free!) to Staten Island and explore the region. It is very beautiful and it ain't as congested and crowded as Manhattan; They view of the skyline from there is stunning too...

Focal Length: 47 mm
Aperture: f/18.0
Exposure: 1/100 sec
ISO: 100

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